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Neck Stretcher Pillow

Neck Stretcher Pillow

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Also known as a cervical traction pillow. This pillow is designed to provide gentle traction and support to the neck and cervical spine. It aims to alleviate neck pain, reduce muscle tension and promote proper alignment of the spine by creating a gentle stretching effect on the neck muscles and joints. 

Benefits of using a Neck Stretcher:

   - Pain Relief

   - Improved Posture

   - Muscle Relaxation

   - Enhanced Blood Flow

   - Stress Reduction


How to use a Neck Stretcher:

1. Place neck stretcher pillow on a flat and stable surface, such as a bed or couch

2. Lie down on the pillow with your head and neck comfortably positioned within the contoured area.

3. Allow your neck to rest on the pillow ensuring that your head and neck are properly aligned.

4. Relax and let the pillow's design gently stretch and support your neck. You may feel a subtle elongation in the neck muscles.

5. Use the pillow for 8-15 minutes. 


It's important to use neck stretchers according to manufacturer's instructions and consult with a health care provider before incorporating it into your routine, especially if you have existing neck or spine conditions. Neck stretcher pillows are generally considered safe for many individuals, but individual experiences and needs may vary.

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